Our Projects

ENCF also offers education sessions on topics related to nature appreciation, conservation and environmental sustainability. We participate in events to increase awareness of nature and the environment.

Tegler Discovery Zone

ENCF raised more than $500,000 towards this capital initiative.

Climb a birch tree and hang out underground in a squirrel’s midden. Get busy as a bee with our live bee hive and build your own flower to pollinate. These are just some of the things you can do in the Tegler Discovery Zone.

This new indoor play space at John Janzen Nature Centre re-creates local wildlife habitat in a way that allows children to learn about nature through play. Crawling and climbing structures are designed for children up to age 10, although all ages are welcome to explore the rest of the Tegler Discovery Zone.

Green Roof

ENCF raised funds for the creation of the Green Roof project at John Janzen Nature Centre in 2010.

The Green Roof has vegetation growing on top of the John Janzen Nature Centre to detain and retain rainwater, and provide shade and insulation, which helps reduce energy use. The Green Roof also features recycled rubber walking tiles with benches to allow visitors to enjoy this outdoor environment.

Green roofs offer numerous benefits for people, wildlife and the environment. The Green Roof retains up to 90 per cent of the rain that falls on it. It provides shade during warm weather and insulation in the winter.

Dipping Pond Improvements

In 2001, ENCF raised $157,000 towards the expansion of the dipping pond area at JJNC. We expanded the access areas to the pond and installed piping to bring water to the pond from the North Saskatchewan River. The dipping pond is enjoyed by young and old alike – exploring the water to discover the many living things below the surface.