Plan a Visit to the Compost School

    If you have visited the John Janzen Nature Centre in the last few years, you are likely already familiar with the Compost School facility located right next door. The Compost School is operated by the City of Edmonton Waste Services, with the goal of expanding knowledge, boosting engagement with resources of Waste Services, changing behaviours to adopt different composting techniques, and learning how to use the finished compost mixture. Programming focuses on understanding the hierarchy of composting, including City composting, home composting, and uncomposting.

    The Compost School is an outdoor interpretive site which provides programming to educate Edmontonians about the home Compost Program. Visitors can learn about the science of composting, including how to compost at home, and how to use the finished compost mixture.

    In addition to its education component, the School also provides a location for drop off services such as ShareWaste, yard waste bin and branch chips or food scraps.

    The Compost School is staffed during the spring and summer seasons all day on weekends, as well as Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 4:00pm. Additionally, the site is open year-round, for passers-by to explore the various bins, tools, and methods on display for users to learn how each performs.

    The City of Edmonton is currently working on the development of a comprehensive redesign of the facility. The Edmonton Nature Centres Foundation will be looking for ways to lend support, as a key partner of the larger John Janzen Nature Centre facility.