Mill Creek Ravine South


Mill Creek passes under many bridges and is a delight to explore. A plaque on the restored trestle bridge north of 76 Avenue outlines the history of the Edmonton Yukon & Pacific Railway (EY&PR), which once ran through the Mill Creek ravine.

The second trestle bridge is located near The Conservatory condominiums, 7510 – 89 Street, which replaced the Allan Gray Nursing Home. Four trestle bridges still remain from the days of EY&PR.

Near the second trestle bridge the two forks of Mill Creek join to flow as one to the river. The east fork flows from the County of Strathcona, through Mill Woods. It is piped underground under roads and industries. It appears again as the Roper Park Natural Area, then is piped underground again and reappears near 70 Avenue, where it flows through a spill containment filter (separator) located in a wide, flat section of the ravine. The filter is designed to catch pollutants such as oil spills before they are carried further down the creek and into the river. The west arm of the creek used to flow from 51 Avenue but now has water in it only after a rainstorm.

The creek winds downstream in tight curves, and rocks in baskets help to stabilize the banks.

If you take the east fork of the trail near 73 Avenue, you will see the Argyll Velodrome, an outdoor cycling track near the Argyll Community Centre.