Terwillegar Park


The viewpoint in Walk C is in the Ramsay Heights neighbourhood, where in 1999 slope failure caused a house to slide down the riverbank. Two neighboring houses were also at risk and had to be torn down. Fortunately, no one was injured.

In February 2010, the city adopted “A Top of the Bank Land Use Policy” (Policy C542) to protect the river valley and ravine system and make sure that urban development takes slope instability into account. The policy requires a minimum of 10 to 15 metres (previously 7.5 metres) setback from the top of the bank, with a public path in the setback.

In 2005 the city described its vision for Terwillegar as a “Unique Natural Park” and began consulting with the public. Most people wanted the park to remain as is, especially the large dog park. After much discussion, the following changes are planned: enlarging the parking lot and paving a road to a recreational area near the river on the northeast side of the park. The recreational area will have a small paddling lake, picnic area, playground, washrooms and paved trail. The rest of the park will be kept in its natural state and continue to be an off leash dog park.